Services Overview

  • Electrical Panel & Service Equipment Replacements & Upgrades
  • Switch & Receptacle Replacements
  • Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation
  • Grounding Systems
  • Exhaust Fan Installations
  • Under Cabinet Lighting
  • Doorbell Installation
  • Light Fixture Installations
  • Exterior/Landscape Lighting
  • Power Loss Corrections

  • Code Compliances

  • House Rewiring

  • Remodeling Projects & Home Additions

  • New Construction

  • Standby Generators


Electrical Panel & Service Equipment Replacements & Upgrades

A home’s service equipment and panel is the heart of the system.  We offer free panel inspections with every service call and will give all customers a detailed description of the overall health of all service equipment. 


Switch & Receptacle Replacements

Sometimes switches and outlets stop working, especially GFCI outlets.  For remodeling projects, we can help install new switches and outlets.  Special pricing is offered for a whole house device replacement.



Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation

Most older homes do not have hardwired smoke detectors, which have become the standard for new homes today.  We also offer wireless smoke and carbon monoxide units that connect to each other. 


Grounding Systems

An electrical systems grounding equipment is the main safety guard. We inspect the grounding system with every call and report anything in need of correction.


Exhaust Fan Installations

If your exhaust fan is starting to make noise, it may be a bad motor. We can help by installing a newer, quieter fan, or we can add new electric and install a fan in any location.


Under Cabinet Lighting

A great way to add pretty accent lighting to your kitchen or elsewhere, this lighting is becoming very popular.


Doorbell Installation

If you do not have a doorbell or have a broken one, we can install a new system.

Light Fixture Installations

Recessed or can lights are becoming more popular.  They dress up living rooms and kitchens as well as having appeal on the outside of a home in some applications.  We also install ceiling fans and chandeliers.  


Exterior/Landscape Lighting

If adding new lighting outside is your thing, then we would love to help.  We install motion sensor lighting, coach lights and a wide variety of landscape lights.


Power Loss Corrections

Losing power is a very common occurrence. In the event of an emergency please call us anytime for prompt service.


Code Compliances

Customers who are either selling or buying a home may need to pass a home electrical inspection.  We can assist in bringing your home up to code.


House Rewiring

Many homes have cloth and other outdated wiring materials that may be hazardous.


Remodeling Projects & Home Additions

If you need an electrician for your next remodeling project, look no further. We are available to tackle anything from kitchen remodeling to basement finishing, and all electrical work will be done to the current code’s standards.


New Construction

We bid on new construction projects.


Standby Generators

These systems run on electric and natural gas and automatically turn on when power goes out. They come in many different sizes and cover a wide range of prices. We can guide you to help you choose the right one for your home and needs.